Hamilton Burgh Police

Hamilton Burgh Badge

1855 – 1949

Hamilton Burgh Police was established in 1855 at which time its establishment was about 9 officers. By 1900 this had increased to 32 officers. Due to financial constraints the force ceased to exist in 1949 and became part of Lanarkshire Constabulary.

1958 – 1967

In 1958 it again became a Burgh force with an establishment of 67 officers. It remained a Burgh force until 1967 when it amalgamated with Airdrie, Burgh, Coatbridge Burgh and Motherwell & Wishaw Burgh to become part of Lanarkshire Constabulary once again. At that time the force had 92 officers.

The Burgh coat of arms has three silver coloured and pierced cinquefoils (a full faced flower with five petals and no stalk). Above shield is a helmet and above that is a flat wreath upon which is a pierced cinquefoil. The motto is ‘SOLA NOBILITAT VIRTUS’ (Virtue Alone Ennobles or Virtue Alone is Nobility).

Chief Constables:

1859 – 1860 Alexander Scott
1860 – 1876 James S. Cullen
1876 – 1882 Cmdr Wallace B. McHardy (Also CC of Lanarkshire Constabulary)
1882 – 1919 John Millar
1919 – 1922 John Clark
1922 – 1933 Charles Cheyne
1933 – 1949 Thomas G. Smith
1949 – 1958 Thomas Renfrew (Also CC of Lanarkshire Constabulary)

1958 – 1967 Robert B. Gordon