Ancestry Biography – Constables John & Elizabeth McCormick – Lanarkshire Constabulary


Lanarkshire Constabulary – 1929-1959 


Lanarkshire Constabulary – 1949-1957


John joined Lanarkshire Constabulary in 1929 having previously served with the Scots Guards in Singapore, Hong Kong & China (Shanghai) between 1927 and 1928.

The deployment to China was to a volatile environment due to fighting between the nationalists and the communists.

John worked mainly in and around the Larkhall area and was also the driver to the Chief Constable. This was deemed to be a very privileged position at that time.

John married Elizabeth Paul in 1957. Elizabeth was a Constable with Lanarkshire Constabulary having joined the police in 1949. She worked mainly in Lanark. On her marriage to John, as was a condition of service at the time, Elizabeth had to resign from the police.

John died in 1971 and his funeral was attended by a number of high ranking officers from Lanarkshire Constabulary indicating how highly he was regarded.

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